Red Kitchen: Table X Pop Up Dinner

The Blackberry and Borage Popsicle was a wonderful way to start the evening

The Blackberry and Borage Popsicle was a wonderful way to start the evening

An invitation for Table X by Red Kitchen appeared in my email a few weeks ago. I’d been following them on Instagram and was intrigued by their minimal, elegant esthetic.

This dinner would be focused on local, vegetarian fare. The venue, Meet Me on 33rd was gorgeous and cozy – a stylishly decorated house made into a comfortable meeting space. A small group, eight folks beside us, immediately delved into conversation. We were greeted by the chefs with a Blackberry and Borage Popsicle, a small frozen treat with a flavorful punch. The blackberries came from their garden, dotted with thyme and served with Cava Extremarium Brut.

Both Dave and I were already impressed with Red Kitchen. After all the guests had a moment to get acquainted, we entered the dining room. The table was dressed with fresh cut blueberry branches and candles, welcoming and comfortable.

table decor

The menu for the evening

The menu for the evening

Potato cooked in coals with duck eggThe first course was a fingerling potato cooked in coals and filled with a duck egg. It was a satisfying, delectable bite and set the tone for the dinner – simple and delicious.

Bread and butter were served along with triangles of chickpea socca.

bread and cultured butterChickpea soccaThe next dish was my very favorite. Described as “corn with tapioca and sorghum” on the menu, the toasty flavors of the popcorn-ed sorghum mingled with the sweet and chewy tapioca balls.

My favorite dish - corn with tapioca and sorghumCorn with tapioca and sorgumThe next dish was a perfect square of summer squash with kelp and shiso.

Summer squashAnother favorite bite was the buckwheat pancake tied into a tiny bundle and filled with charred cauliflower. It was also adorable!

Buckwheat pancakeDave was worried that he would have to eat actual cauliflower when he saw the menu. Luckily, it was made into a rich creamy sauce to dip the delicately crispy flaxseed crackers. This dish was delicious and fun to eat!

Flaxseed crackers and cauliflower dipEggplant and tomato was the next course. A petite fairytale eggplant dressed the plate, along with tomato and a tart green apple relish.

fairytale eggplant and tomtao with relishFor dessert, a zucchini ice cream was served along with crunchy sunflower and honey granola topped with crystallized blossoms.

zucchini ice cream

fresh milk and blueberryThe meal ended with warm blueberries were served with fresh milk curd- a luxurious bite.

It was a memorable meal, each course was skillfully executed and paired with an interesting white wine. Keep Red Kitchen on your radar. They’ll be doing more pop up dinners in the future, and a restaurant in Salt Lake City is in the works. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.